Giving and Action – You Can Make a Difference

Giving and Action – You Can Make a Difference
in the lives of those we serve at Day One

#GivingTuesday is about generosity – a day to make a difference in the world at the start of the holiday season.

Last year, more than 45,000 organizations in 71 countries around the world came together to celebrate #GivingTuesday.

The most meaningful gift we can give this holiday season is one that supports our community and brings it together to help build a better world.

Please join us in celebrating #GivingTuesday this year by making a gift to Day One. Every gift has impact and shows your support for life changing work. Whether it is helping us educate students on prevention of sexual violence or offering victims treatment, your donation truly makes a difference.

#GivingTuesday is also about action – taking it and inspiring it. Donate Today!

Social media is a place where people can voice their opinions and views. It is also a place to spark change. As we move into the holiday season, let us move away from the strife that has filled the internet over the past few weeks. This #GivingTuesday, join Day One in changing the tone to one of hope and unity. Take a selfie with the sign below. Simply write why you support Day One, snap a photo holding your sign and post to our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Help us take action by spreading hope and healing and show the generosity of our community by making a gift. Every gift is important. Any gift that is meaningful to you is meaningful to us; no amount is too small.

Thank you for supporting Day One in our mission to reduce the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence and helping us to advocate for those affected by it.


A response to our presidential election

It has been almost a week since the election results were tallied. Women and men throughout the United States and right here in Rhode Island have now had some time to comprehend and process the results. No matter your political affiliation or thoughts on the election, we want all Rhode Islanders to stand with us in staying positive, hopeful, and resilient in our nation’s future. The comments, fears, and discussions that have arisen from the election have brought a flood of emotions, but have most importantly reconfirmed our passion and commitment to the children and adults who are victims and survivors of sexual assault. Our resolve is stronger than ever.

Throughout the entire campaign, numerous comments were made that sent an unsettling message about sexual violence. Understandably, these comments could have upset or caused trauma to many Rhode Islanders, especially those who have been victims. And although the election is over, the trauma remains – and so should the discussion. What we all do and say about sexual violence matters!  Discussion can help build an understanding of the issues, enhance community safety and education, and ideally, prevent sexual violence.

Day One is here to provide treatment, intervention, education, advocacy, and prevention services to Rhode Islanders of all ages. There is hope in our communities as we come together as one. In fact, within just a few days of the election results, Day One has received over 25 volunteer requests. This is a testament that the people of Rhode Island want to make a difference and are standing up for victims.

No matter who won the presidential election, what we should hope for and expect from our leaders, is equality and support for victims of sexual assault. Thank you, Rhode Island, for standing with us in our mission to reduce the prevalence of sexual abuse in hopes of one day, creating a community that is free of sexual violence.

Peg Langhammer
Executive Director

The Impact of Institutional Sexual Abuse

sgsAfter nearly a year of painful disclosures and multiple investigations into past sexual abuse at St. George’s School in Middletown, Rhode Island, a financial settlement (details have not been disclosed) has been reached for the victims and the findings of an independent investigative report have been released.  Day One has been working with St. George’s victims since the beginning, and we are confident the courage of these survivors will encourage others to come forward and begin their healing process.

This is certainly not the first time systemic sexual abuse at a private school has been brought to light, as detailed in the Boston Globe Spotlight story earlier this year, Private Schools, Painful Secrets.

According to the Globe article, more than 200 students have been victims of sexual abuse and harassment at New England private schools since the 1950’s. At least 90 students or their families have filed lawsuits or other legal claims related to sexual abuse at New England private schools. At least 67 private schools in New England have been affected by allegations of sexual abuse by employees disclosed over the past 25 years.

Beyond the numbers

While the numbers are upsetting and might be surprising to many, it’s important to consider the effects of child sexual abuse on survivors, particularly when it occurs in adolescence within a trusted educational institution.

“Boarding school children are the perfect victims for perpetrators,” says Amy Battersby, Day One Clinical Director. “In addition to abusers having ample access to victims, living in the environment where the abuse occurs can cause the entire school to be unsafe for the victim, making it much more difficult for him or her to come forward.”

In addition, teenagers are at a developmental stage where they are typically desperate for a sense of belonging and are in constant conflict between the need for nurture and their search for independence. These traits can put them at increased risk for victimization.

A lifelong effect

Some common impacts on the victim include an incredible sense of betrayal by the perpetrator, peers and other staff. “Abuse survivors have a shattered sense of self,” says Battersby. “Their decreased self worth can result in self-harming behaviors such as cutting, substance abuse, or isolation.”

The St. George’s survivors felt the frustration of not being heard or validated by administrators, in addition to the shame and guilt over the abuse. Day One stands by these and other survivors in their brave decision to come forward and get help.

You can reach Day One at 401-421-4100 or to request services.

Statement from Day One on St. George’s Settlement

“We share in the joy and validation that the St. George’s abuse survivors feel as a result of today’s settlement. While we acknowledge that no amount of compensation can make up for the irreparable damage child sexual abuse causes, this settlement is an important step in the survivors’ healing journey. We support these brave survivors and applaud them for their courage in coming forward.

We know there are others who have not come forward. Day One has been working with St. George’s survivors from across the country since January, providing services directly in Rhode Island or connecting them with services in their area. We stand ready to support any survivors who want their voices heard by getting them the help they need.”

Peg Langhammer, Day One Executive Director

Day One Honors ‘Hall of Fame Inductees,’ Raises More Than $65K at Recent ‘Swing Into Summer’ event


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Statement from Day One Regarding No Criminal Charges in Sexual Abuse Cases at St. Georges School

Statement by Peg Langhammer, Executive Director of Day One

The state of Rhode Island has concluded its investigation of some of the sexual abuse allegations at St. George’s School and there will be no criminal charges. While we understand the disappointment and even outrage many victims are experiencing, the statute of limitations prevented criminal charges in cases preceding 1979.

This is not over. We know there are more victims out there, post 1979 when the statute changed, that could press charges. Day One works closely with law enforcement and prosecution and we are ready to assist any victims that come forward.

We are confident that any confusion about the investigation of these cases by DCYF will be rectified in a new bill now making its way through the Rhode Island General Assembly. This bill passed in the Senate and will likely pass in the House next week, providing our children with much needed protection and holding offenders accountable.

#YVYV; Your View, Your Voice: Bring in the High Schoolers

Let’s review:

This month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, #SAAM. Day One, and other organizations like us, are standing with the National Sexual Violence Research Center to show Prevention is Possible.

Daily, Day One spreads awareness through community outreach and educational programs that really do show that Prevention is Possible. Our education department is reaching out to high school students before they get to the essential, experimental years of college, (where sexual assault offenses are growing rapidly, read more here) with information that can keep them and, possibly, a friend safe as well.

Year round, our education department works with students in our Your Voice, Your View program or #YVYV. This grant-funded program moves from school to school encouraging students to use their voices to learn about topics like sexual violence and what makes healthy relationships. Through this program, Day One is able to meet the students where they are comfortable and bring important topics to the table that, as a society and culture, we are still having issues addressing publicly.

How Do We Do That?


Check out Day Ones Vine!

The method is in the name: Your Voice, Your View. Day One’s Education Department wants to help Rhode Island youth develop their own views and use their own voices to understand and spread awareness about sexual violence, sexual preference, gender norms, and healthy relationships.

This year, we implemented a new way for youth to get involved and interested: Social Media and Cash Prizes.  Through our Vine social media page, with #YVYV, a new prompt is released every month. During this month, all Rhode Island high schoolers are invited to join in this dialogue. Day One wants to hear what you would do in certain tough situations.

Through Vine, Day One is hoping to reach a much wider young audience in our state to start very important conversations. The dialogue focuses on both victim and bystander situations to get the wheels turning if anyone is put into a tough situation. We encourage high schoolers to think like “Active Bystanders” through dialogue and education.

The prompts can range from “Give us your go to strategy for keep friends safe.” to  what would  you as a student do when hearing another student called a “fag” or judge for sexual preferences:


Since, this April, Day One is spreading awareness about #SAAM, the question prompt was:

“Prevention is Possible when…”

Our winner, Dionna Greene responded,

“Prevention is possible when [we] try to get help and not be scared of judgement.”

Thank you, Dionna Greene, for participating in our conversation and enjoy your $25 dollar gift card!

SAAM Ribbons


Day One has been very pleased and excited by this online dialogue and are hoping to see more high schoolers and schools join in the conversation! Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Have your high schooler visit our Vine page
  2. Comment and participate in the conversation as much as possible.
  3. Wait for $25 raffle: The winner is picked in a raffle drawing; the more involved you are involved in the conversation, the higher your chances.

A great way to start this conversation with in your household is to register and fundraise as a family for our Annual Day One 5K! Education and open conversation are two very powerful prevention tools and remember together…

Prevention is Possible!



Day One has education and training opportunities  for college students and the general Rhode Island community. Learn more about our Education and Community Outreach here, at






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Chaarity Williams

Advocacy, Day One