Five Questions with Sandy Malone, Prevention Education

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Sandy Malone, Day One Prevention Education Coordinator

Day One is currently part of two exciting research studies dealing with sexual violence prevention – one for high school students and one in middle schools. The two studies are focused on creating cutting-edge prevention programming and providing rigorous evaluation of that programming. In both studies, there is an incredible team of experts collaborating with Day One including: Rhode Island Hospital researchers, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scientists, and international social norms expert and consultant, Alan Berkowitz.

Sandy Malone, Day One’s Prevention Education Coordinator, is the lead on both of these studies for Day One. We recently asked Sandy five questions about this important work. Here’s what she said!

  1. Can you describe why the work being done in these studies is important? 

Although there are many programs addressing sexual violence prevention, there hasn’t been any rigorous evaluation of these programs to see if they are effective in reducing sexual assaults. The data from these studies will be a tremendous help in driving prevention efforts forward in the field. Across the country, people have expressed excitement about this study and the implications for prevention efforts. We (the team) presented this work at the National Sexual Assault Conference in August and were flooded with questions about the program and team collaboration.

  1. Has a study like this ever been done before? 

To date, there has not been a rigorous study of this nature – a real collaboration among practitioners, researchers, and evaluators. Previous studies were conducted in traditional research settings and not in classrooms. Organizations similar to Day One in other states across the country are looking at this model and are excited that this research will open doors to more funding opportunities for evaluation.To date, there has not been a rigorous study of this nature – a real collaboration among practitioners, researchers, and evaluators.

  1. What will be done with the findings?

Prior evaluations of Your Voice Your View, Day One’s prevention program for high school students, were very promising and we are optimistic that the findings through these new studies will be favorable as well. For Day One, the findings will drive changes needed in the program. The proven effectiveness of the program will help increase participation in Your Voice Your View among schools and allow it to continue to be available for Rhode Island high schools. The findings will also shape and enhance all of Day One’s education programs. On a national level, we will be developing an instructional manual and program materials so that other states can implement this program.

  1. How can students/schools get involved? 

Students (or anyone!) can call me, Sandra Malone, at 421-4100 x160 to learn more about the programs. The high school grant will continue for two more years, so there is plenty of time for more schools to participate. The middle school grant is in its first year of planning and we will be sending out information soon. We are actually looking for a few middle school staff members to participate in program development. Call me if you know anyone who would be interested.

  1. What does prevention mean to you?

Great question! To me, prevention means:

  • Creating healthy environments where sexual violence cannot flourish because is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in our families, our social circles, our school and work settings, and in our court systems
  • Promoting healthy behaviors early on, before unhealthy behaviors can begin
  • Educating communities that it is everyone’s responsibility and everyone has a role
  • Increasing awareness of the fact that the majority of people have healthy relationships and do not support any type of harmful behavior, which can empower them as bystanders to intervene when they see or know someone is at risk

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Games, laughs and fun moments at Day One’s Vintage Vegas event!

What a night we had last Friday at our annual event, Vintage Vegas! From a tarot card reader to magicians to a live contortionist, plus table games complete with real dealers from Twin River Casino, there was a little something for everyone to enjoy.


The party, held at Roger Williams Park Casino, drew an unprecedented number of attendees all with one thing in common – a desire to support Day One and the work that we do.

Dan Jaehnig and Mark Searles from NBC 10 News served as guest emcees for the evening. As part of the festivities, we honored five very special Day One VIPs: Hasbro, Inc.; Mark T. Ryan, Principal, Moses Afonso Ryan; Mike Ryan, Director of Government Affairs, National Grid; Providence Journal reporter Lynn Arditi; and Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed.


Congratulations to our raffle winners and the winner of our Diamond Champagne drawing! Shout out to our stellar volunteers from Johnson and Wales University! Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us, purchased raffle tickets, or donated to the event! We depend on your support.


Special thanks to our awesome sponsors for this event, which included:

Royal Flush:

Black Jack:
Hasbro, Inc.
National Grid
Shawmut Design and Construction

Full House:
Delta Dental
Twin River Casino
Women and Infants
Moses Afonso Ryan Ltd. (counselors at law)
Providence Journal
Designs by Sofia
Southwest Airlines

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Roll With These VIPs at Day One’s Vintage Vegas Event!

Join us September 18, 2015 at our annual event, Vintage Vegas, and help us honor these true VIPs in the fight against sexual violence! Tickets are $75 for an evening of music, magic, and a few surprises!
Senator M. Teresa Paiva Weed, Rhode Island

Sen. Paiva Weed is a tireless champion for Day One and for all of the children and adults in Rhode Island who have been affected by sexual violence. Her passion and her perseverance on behalf of victims in Rhode Island have allowed Day One to continue to expand services and improve our programs around the state. Proudly representing the people of Newport and Jamestown in District 13, Sen. Paiva Weed was elected the first woman president of the Rhode Island Senate in 2009 and is currently serving her fourth term in that key leadership position.


Through the Hasbro Children’s Fund, Hasbro gives hope to children who need it most.  For over 20 years, Hasbro has supported Day One’s Children’s Advocacy Center and played a key role in helping Day One move into its current headquarters on the east side of Providence through a generous gift to Day One’s capital campaign.  The Community Relations team at Hasbro, led by Karen Davis, has continued to provide critical resources to help child victims of sexual abuse in Rhode Island.

Mark T. Ryan, Principal, Moses Afonso Ryan

Mike Ryan, Director of Government Affairs, National Grid

Mark Ryan and Mike Ryan, as the co-chairs for the Fund for Day One campaign, have made extraordinary strides in helping to create a more sustainable future for Day One as we work to secure and expand our nationally recognized programs. The steadfast effort of these two dedicated advocates has allowed Day One to better respond to increasing community needs. Their consistent support of Day One’s mission has had a real and lasting impact on child and adult victims of sexual abuse.

Lynn Arditi, Reporter, Providence Journal

 Lynn Arditi has written about the economy, prostitution, the drug epidemic and, most recently, sexual assault on college campuses. Her detailed, unapologetic coverage of campus sexual assaults in Rhode Island, as well as legislation about the issue both locally and across the country, provides timely and relevant information to the public. Lynn goes right to the source to get the most balanced and accurate stories and has been a significant media voice for raising awareness about college sexual assault.

Responding to Sexual Behavior Problems in Youth

Family united together holding handsWith so much attention in the media this past week regarding the Duggar family and the actions of their eldest son Josh when he was a teenager, numerous issues have been raised surrounding sexual behavior problems in youth and how parents and caregivers can appropriately respond.

At Day One’s Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC), many of our most heart-wrenching cases involve families in which sibling abuse has occurred. Parents are distraught about the victimization of one child, while terribly worried about the legal consequences to another child. The anguish of parents as they struggle to provide emotional support and effective intervention to both the child victim and the child with sexual behavior problems is real and palpable.

Thankfully, our CAC locations in Rhode Island and our multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach can help families navigate this difficult time. CACs serve as a gateway to services that can help victims heal and ensure youth with sexual behavior problems receive effective treatment and are held accountable for changing their behavior.

It is important to note that youth with sexual behavior problems are more common than most people realize. Thirty percent of the over 100 sexual abuse cases seen at Day One’s CACs so far in 2015 involved an offender under the age of 18 – most often a sibling, cousin, or friend from the neighborhood or school.

There are many reasons children and youth may develop a sexual behavior problem:  lack of privacy and boundaries; exposure to sexualized materials or environment; curiosity that gets out of hand; a sexual abuse history of their own, and others. Whatever the reason, it is critical to ensure these youth receive evidence-supported treatment to interrupt this cycle of behavior, so that all children in the home can be safe.

If we can identify these issues and interrupt this behavior early and appropriately with treatment, we may ultimately prevent future child sexual abuse from occurring. One excellent resource for parents and professionals is the National Center for the Sexual Behavior of Youth, which provides public awareness, training in evidence-based treatments, and technical assistance all tied to managing and responding to youth with problematic sexual behavior.

Finally, and most importantly, at the heart of every child sexual abuse case are the child victims. We should not minimize the trauma child victims suffer as a result of abuse by youth with sexual behavior problems. Whether the offender is a sibling, friend, or extended family member, the victims suffer a betrayal of trust and a loss of personal safety that is deeply wounding. Similar to other forms of child sexual abuse where the offender is within the family, these child victims struggle with both their fear of continued abuse and their love for the family member who has harmed them.

As a society, we have failed to protect these victims and we owe them the evidence-based treatment needed to heal, as well as our support as they go through the challenging healing process. Critical to that healing process is the privacy and space to heal outside of the glare of the television camera and the reporter’s news cycles.

When victims are “outed” publicly in the way the Duggar sisters were, this experience can be as traumatic as the abusive incident. Victims routinely report media attention as stressful and many are ill prepared for the consequences of such media scrutiny. The loss of privacy and control over this most intimate part of their life can mirror the loss of control felt at the time of the abuse. Some adult survivors find speaking out about their experiences empowering. However, the common thread in this experience is one of choice – the victim made the choice to tell their story and exerted some control over the timing and narrative. We can all help victims become survivors by sending a clear message to media that we do not want the names of victims shared without their permission, nor should victims be hounded to tell “their side” of the story.

As a professional who has witnessed countless cases of child abuse and neglect over the years, I hope this instance will only further draw attention to the issue of child abuse and how we all are responsible for protecting Rhode Island’s children. I also encourage parents and caregivers to visit Day One’s web site to learn more about the services offered by our Children’s Advocacy Center. With CAC locations across the state, there are intervention and prevention services readily available so those in similar situations to the Duggar family may seek the help and treatment they need and deserve.

Peg Langhammer, Executive Director, Day One

Keynote speaker offers powerful message at Day One’s Annual Conference


Day One’s 2015 Annual Conference closed out Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a focus on prevention, training and treatment.  Our annual conference featured Dorothy Edwards, Executive Director of green dot, etc., who started off the day with an inspiring talk about prevention of power-based personal violence. She also served as instructor for a three-part bystander intervention training session during the conference.

“I do this work because I believe with everything in me that current rates of power-based personal violence are not inevitable. I do this work because if I didn’t believe this could change – I would be accepting some truths about humanity that I am just not willing to accept.” – Dorothy Edwards

sandy and dorothy One Voice peg1 dorothy1 conf crowd1

Other sessions included survivors from One Voice, Day One’s survivor advocacy group, who spoke about the impact of victimization, a brief overview of human trafficking, and trauma-informed treatment therapies.

Pre-conference focused on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children 

Day One also hosted a pre-conference the day before to provide an inside look at commercial sex trafficking in Rhode Island and how the statewide trafficking task force is addressing it.

Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed offered welcoming remarks and a commitment to working to end human trafficking in Rhode Island. The panel featured US Attorney Peter Nerhona and representatives from Day One, the RI Attorney General’s Office, RI State Police, Providence Police, and Homeland Security.

TPW pre conf RISP  pre conf audience member pre cnf PN

This packed half-day session covered:

  • Recommendations and discussion around statewide policy changes 
  • An honest, transparent look at how the response process is changing for the better
  • Actions to take for both high-risk youth and identified victims
  • Actual trafficking case presentations and discussion
  • Next steps

Day One 5K raises over $27,000 to support victims of sexual violence


This gallery contains 11 photos.

On April 12, as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Day One hosted our second annual 5K and the turnout pretty much blew our minds! Since last year, the number of participants grew by over 200 people. We had 750 … Continue reading